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To assure electrical stability, and protect your electrical equipments at home and work. POWER s.a.l. selected you a collection of power systems including car batteries, UPS's (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) , AVR ( Automatic Voltage Regulators)....etc. 

Our high quality batteries and UPS's are widely used because of it's high performance, long life and encouraging prices.



Our UPS's are designed to supply and protect networks, electronic and computer systems, communication systems and industrial automation systems.                                                                POWER s.a.l. is an agent for Su-Kam UPS in Lebanon.

Su-Kam UPS features:

  • Available at 1 phase and 3 phase input, 1 phase output.

  • Compatible with the international standard.

  • Characterized by high efficiency.

  • Pure sine-wave output.


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Our battery brands have wide ranges of high standard quality Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries which meet the international Standard.

We are the agent for HAZE batteries in Lebanon and Syria and we sell batteries of different brand names, mainly Su-Kam and Thunderlite batteries which is manufactured by Yuasa Thailand. one of the pioneers in industrial history.    

Our batteries characterize by long life and good performance. In addition it meets the international standard ISO 9001.

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