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Service and Support Department                                         This department is equipped by fully trained and experienced technical engineering staff that have highly developed skills in communications and office equipment installations, maintenance and troubleshooting.


  • Our services can reach any country.

  • Our engineers are ready to design, prepare and generate network wiring diagrams and schematics.

  • We establish wired and wireless communication networks for individuals, companies, Hospitals, TV Stations, Radio Stations and other institutes

  • We use new technologies like fiber optics wiring, microwave wireless bridges and others . 

  • We support  installations, troubleshooting, maintenance and spare- parts for :

Communication networks for companies & individuals.    

Communications devices, like phones, hybrid systems, fax machines, repeaters.....etc.    

Office equipments especially photocopiers, paper shredders, scanners and printers.

Power back up systems UPS's ( Uninterruptible Power Supplies) .

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